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Digital trust, Data governance, Data management : The key trilogy for excellence

By imposing strong controls on companies regarding the data they collect and handle, the legislators try to regulate the data market.
A winning strategy - A successful tactic - Implementation of the governance - GDPR : A tremendous opportunity to seize

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REAL GDPR Software : informative brochure

REVER and partners ACTECIL and GEOLSEMANTICS finalized a complete software suite which is unique on the market to help you face GDPR.
The solution - The modules - The two plans

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IMS to SQL migration : methodology

The IMS to SQL migration is broken down into two phases :
The creation of the new database - The transformation of the application programs

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Rever's solutions to face GDPR

Learn more about the use of REVER’s solutions in order for enterprises to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The challenges - The European Regulation - Corporate information systems - Rever's propositions

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