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DataBook-iconDataBook : a data virtualization tool


Quick start guide in data virtualization : First steps with our innovative data navigation and data virtualization software. Unique multi database & multi systems data browser.


1. How to create a functional link between data : You get to create brand new links (either predefined or customized) according to your needs.


2. How to create my project of data virtualization : Are you ready to explore your own data ? Let's connect to your own database. The number of connections is unlimited.


3. How to create a custom view of my data : Authorized users can create personalized « views» by mixing and remixing data however they wish.


logo Db-MainRever DB-Main : a data-modeling tool


[Subtitled] Download and installation guide (under Windows) : First setup, license information, introduction to the software.



Text tutorials (pdf) - These 3 documents are indicative, they do not necessarily match the latest version of the software.
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  • Introduction to Database Design


  • Computer-aided Database Engineering


  • Rever DB-Main Methodological Engine Demo

Reference Manuals (pdf) - Click to expand

  • Rever DB-Main reference manual


  • JIDBM reference manual