Rever is reseller for Belgium and Luxemburg of the Sensiwave software

The tailor-made solution for IT security awareness.

Your company must meet and comply with regulatory requirements imposed on you ? Sensiwave is at your side to support this change with a tailor-made solution for IT security awareness ! Sensiwave, awareness courses to educate on the IT security best practices : 100% customizable and editable.


GDPR and IT security awareness for large groups

It is the first step to take in a GDPR approach.

The Sensiwave software allows large organizations (private or public) to plan an information campaign for their staffs in order to educate them or remind them of the new privacy rules. It's made in a playful way (using short videos and quizzes) and is very easy to use. The tool is equipped with a particularly comprehensive dashboard allowing the Training, Security or HR departments to manage the contents of the campaigns and to monitor if everyone from the target audience inside the company has followed the training. The product is available in several languages: French, Dutch, English, Spanish, German... Sensiwave is a SaaS solution but is also available to be integrated into a learning management system (LMS) with files in Scorm format. To date, more than 700,000 people from large groups or ministries have successfully used, or are currently using this tool.


Why choose Rever and Sensiwave ?

As a certified reseller for Belgium and Luxemburg, Rever provides you with a know-how and knowledge of information systems - including data governance and the issue of GDPR - and provides you with consulting services on the use of Sensiwave. The complementarity of our solutions is a plus that will give you the assurance of an uncompromising efficiency.

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