Empower your organization in order to protect data, build digital trust and avoid financial penalties and reputational loss.

The exponential need for a secure data access

Organizations face an increasing need to share their data. Production data is copied by the application’s testers, trainers or business analysts, data is also frequently transferred outside of the organization for use by external parties to perform a variety of tasks.

Several studies have shown that, within at least 1 organization out of 4, the data available to the testers have also been used for other purposes, and that more than 50% of the organizations declared not knowing the real use made of the data shared internally or externally.


Be ready for data compliance

This represents a major risk for organizations as most of the data is confidential and/or private. Furthermore, regulatory compliance imposes strict rules on the communication and distribution of personal data. The risk of voluntary or involuntary violation of the data protection regulation can lead to vast financial penalties and discredit the organization’s name.

In addition, recent research shows that Digital Trust is what separates the winning businesses from the laggards in the digital world. When combined with Rever Master and Rever Optimize, Rever Protect helps building that trust by enabling you to protect data and to improve customer experience by breaking down information silos.

Rever Protect is our most robust data protection platform yet. Its powerful data anonymization technology makes for a flexible and powerful solution. You will be able to select the data, identify the sensitive ones and define your anonymization rules according to your business needs, all this while guaranteeing data coherence of your databases.

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