Rever Entreprise Foundation is the result of over 25 years of joint research and development with the database engineering labs of the University of Namur.

It is a robust modeling platform with at its core our proprietary Automated Model Driven Engineering technology and metadata management approach.

Rever Enterprise Foundation fuels your information governance and data management capabilities in turn enabling you to gain competitive advantages, to avoid financial penalties, to manage regulatory compliance and to increase operational agility.


Gateway to Master, Optimize and Protect your data

Rever Enterprise Foundation is also the place where the data usage map and the physical, logical and conceptual data models are stored. The Rever Enterprise Foundation repository allows to create impact analysis, to build an enterprise data dictionary, to carry out master data management projects, and to ensure organizational readiness for Big Data, Analytics, Data warehouses and Data lakes.

Rever Enterprise Foundation is the gateway to Master, Optimize and Protect your data, bringing you the capability to align business processes, technology and policies in order to deliver trusted information so that you can meet regulatory compliance, manage costs, and beat your competition.

Having DATA related projects ? Don't know where to start ?


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